After some days off for holidays now it’s time to come back to work! Now I’m getting ready to go to Spain and of course, take a stroll through Europe, because after all I love the old continent. Do not forget that’ll basically be installed in Madrid but I accept invitations (with pleasure literally) for visits and trips within the European continent;) To be … Read More PACKING TO MADRID


Yes, folks… I’ve been absent, right. I hung up my professional phone, have not answered more emails or when I did it was answered to say that I was busy. I’ve found a sponsor and then you know how it is: Total dedication 24/7. The person asks you total exclusivity and is controlling you all the time. Those men that calls you 892 times … Read More OUTFLOW


I ended up staying in Europe during those holidays to make some extra money. Bad idea. Things are slow and I always get a bit sensitive during this time of the year. But I always say that and will repeat it again: “Better alone than in bad companionship”. Or with some very very ‘sweet’ Latino asshole¬† who just wanna fuck you. I’m done with … Read More ANOTHER LONELY CHRISTMAS