That IS the question. Men are stupid, very stupid. They think just because they are not being charged directly to be with a woman who asks them a certain amount of money to spend a number of hours with them, it means they are getting ‘free’ sex. There are men who are filled with pride to say, ‘I have never paid women to have sex with me’ or when they meet me and the first thing to say is: ’You know, this is the first time I pay an escort.’ Dear darlings, understand that for me there is NO DIFFERENCE between you and another man who hires call girls often. This is not going to make give you a discount, or to treat you better than ‘the others’, and not even to do things I do not do or which have not been previously agreed. What really interests me is that you respect me as a professional, as a human being and of course, that you pay me.

I always say that men who hire escorts are not paying for sex, because sex you can get without having to make a direct payment, but the real reasons why they pay are others, including:

– Free Attachment – Freedom to fuck you and never have to look on your face again. No links the next day, no questions asked. Know that I also love this part because if it is bad I know there is time to end! But my favorite time is when I get my envelope filled with that paper with unique and peculiar smell 😉
– Guilty Free – Yes, when they cheat on their wives and girlfriends with an escort they do not feel guilty, for them this should not be considered cheating (and often also in the back of their minds do not feel guilty even when they cheat with a non-escort, those dirty pigs. That’s why I’m happy to spank them and take their money!)
– Convenience – Time is a luxury item today, as well as a high class escort. You are on a business trip, you can not be out every night in bars and clubs where you often do not know the local language and native habits to try your luck by finding a woman who wants to spend the night with you.
– Sexual Preferences – The old story. Generally do not have enough freedom to do some things with the partner, very common in this case to ask for the famous ‘prostate massage’, BDSM, among other requests.

In my case and I believe the majority of VIP Escorts sex is not the main motivation for which they call us, after all there are many, many other competitors in the market with much more affordable rates. Not that I do not do well, quite the opposite, but it’s another customer profile where it also seeks a girlfriend experience (GFE), a good and elegant companion for dinner and chatting.

But back to the topic, I have bad news for you: YOU ARE BEING CHARGED ON THIS! And if not, probably you will be. You actually were already charged before going out with that woman because to court her, you try to pass her a good impression (and you have to work hard because between us, you are not 100% trustable, aren’t you?). Then initiated the seduction process, where you want to show her you have good manners to sit at the table during lunch with co-workers, avoid staring at other women in her presence (even if they are almost naked and rubbing their breasts in your face. Such a challenge, isn’t?), it also happens that you will hold your farts when you know she’s around, among hundreds of other things.

This is only the first part. If your efforts take effect and all goes well you invite to dinner and she will accept, sooner or later. Then you choose a good restaurant and a great wine, maybe even two bottles, after all drunk women are easier to take to bed, moreover they are more cheerful and even laugh about all nonsense you say. Okay, now you ate, drank, and both are in the mood to go further and now it’s time to go. Who will pay the bill?


Oh, and do not forget that at the end of dinner she may be in those critical days of the month, you know, right? (sometimes is a lie, we’re not in the mode and we say it to you). I think you better get ready to make another invitation, which can be an advantage as the second or third date she may offer herself to split the bill, but at the first meeting I think it’s kind of hard, dear darlings.

Just to finish, please also do not forget that after sex (if you get there) she may like being closer to you, too closer sometimes! So if you are not ready for something deeper or if you don’t want her as a girlfriend better you find a GOOD explanation, without hurting her. Otherwise you will be charged for more time, attention, commitment and so on. So, if all you want is sex, please find a honest way to get that. Good luck!


Eva Rodriguez


I have a long-term client and we have known each other for about 3 years or so and see each according to his availability, of course. We met in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2012 and since then we have always been in touch, despite the fights and arguments (yes, we also fight as husband and wife).He is a well-known business man in his country, a person with a good heart and that tries to help me whenever possible. But no one is perfect. In his case, among other weakness, one of the things we’ve fight a lot it’s about his way of ‘gifting’.

Example? Once, right at the beginning when I’ve met him only a few times he told me he has coming to Brazil a certain date and then made his bookings with me normally for about 3 nights. At the specific date and time, I arrived at his hotel and we went out for dinner, later we returned to the hotel and already at the room he told me he had bought me a gift. Then handed me the package, I opened it and found a beautiful black leather jacket: ‘How beautiful, thank you!’ I had really liked the gift, model, color, etc… It was a garment that I really was in need and even considering to buy it in a few months. Some seconds later he just disappointed me: ‘Look, this is a jacket from Burberry, but it has no label because I bought in China, at the factory of a friend of mine who makes famous brands replicas. But it’s absolutely the same thing!! The model is just like, okay?’

I do not even had time to check any famous brand label and he released me with this genuine pearl. I was admiring the model, it was beautiful and real leather. And by the way I still have that jacket and use it a lot, I really liked. The only problem was that comment he made in the end because:

1. No customer is obliged to give me gifts, I do not expect it. What I want is to be payed for my services and by the time I spend with them, according to what we agreed.
2. NEVER, EVER in your life gift a woman with replicas. Men who do this deserve a shock in the ass. Replicas are the kind of thing that you only buy for you (and not even that), I personally do not buy them. If I can not or do not want to spend much I’d rather buy another affordable brand with good quality.
3. Completely disgusting  that he want to overvalue the present to say it’s the same thing, the same model and that it  ONLY does not have the label! Probably with the intention of letting me suuuper grateful and expecting a return equivalent to the (original) gift value. Did not work!!!

I just gave a grim smile after the comment, took the gift and I had to control myself for don’t tell him to fuck off.

That was just one of the episodes I have to tell about him, I will talk about other situations in further posts. After that time in touch with him I must admit that with great effort and tips I gave him he has really improved, I will not deny, but sometimes I need to remind him about a few things!

I am now in Paris, where I am writing this post and he is here with me. A few days before coming here as we organizing the details of the trip he came up with a similar idea… He sent me an email with the link of a YSL shoes he would like to see me wearing. A website of used products! People who buy a product from famous brands and for some reason do not like them and sell them on the internet for a much more affordable price. According to him are all new garments, unused and original. Aham, I know! A lot of people seems to enjoy wasting money buying very expensive things and then not use and sell them for 30% of the amount paid. Nice!

Of course I complained. I said I would not accept any gifts from him or from anyone who was not directly purchased in the store and was properly labeled and packaged. If it comes with the invoice, even better. Only in this way for me to make sure the origin of the object and if I do not like that I can go to the store and exchange it for something else of my own choice. (Or even sell on the internet for a super economic price to increase my source of income!)

After the discussion about this subject I give him a lecture about these bad habits and I finally got some results. Tangible results, directly from the store and chosen by me:


Eva R.


After some days off for holidays now it’s time to come back to work! Now I’m getting ready to go to Spain and of course, take a stroll through Europe, because after all I love the old continent. Do not forget that’ll basically be installed in Madrid but I accept invitations (with pleasure literally) for visits and trips within the European continent;)


To be quite honest I do not always feel very comfortable there because the Spanishs in general (not all, I know!) tend to be rude and prejudiced with Brazilian people. I am not speaking about the customers because the vast majority are very kind but what I say is in relation to the general conviviality, like when you go to the grocery store, the gym and even (believe me) when you go shopping. Yes, I am polite, I do dress well, have good looks (people often think I’m Italian) and I speak Spanish fluently but unfortunately many people when realize that I am Brazilian immediately begin to treat you with hostility. Example? Once I walked into a luxury lingerie shop on Calle Serrano, saw a bra that I liked and asked saleswoman for my size and then she simply replied gruffly: ‘We don’t have it’. So that way, without even bothering to go to look for or to check on stock. And this as not the first nor the second time. I have some other escort Brazilian friends who visited Spain and all have reported very similar cases, even worse. You are less likely to go through it in London, for example. (Btw, warm kisses and hugs to Britishs and Scottishs!)

But now let’s talk about the good things about Spain, and which are many:

  • Wheater: Even winter is not nearly as cold as northern Europe, making it easy to adapt for those coming from a tropical country. Summer is hot and many tourists around the world come to the country to enjoy this time;
  • Food: The food is wonderful! The menu is full of vegetables, fruits and seafood. There is a wide variety and quality of fresh food, without forgetting of course the great Spanish wines you find in the supermarket for 5 or 6 euros;
  • Transport: Public transport in Madrid is very good. You can do many things on foot as it is pleasant to walk around town and also the Metro system and buses are very comprehensive, covering various parts of the city and is easy to use. 10!
  • Nightlife: One of the most famous in the world and it really leaves nothing to be desired. Concerts, bars and clubs for all audiences are available 7 days a week and always open until very (very) late. Madrid es una fiesta!
  • Culture: They are the ‘Latinos of Europe’ often easier to approach for a chat. Because of the language also facilitates conversation and understanding of issues in common, jokes, among other things. Spaniards love football, including headquarter many sporting events throughout the year.

Still on the cultural aspects I also like the mentality of the Spanish people regarding prostitution: it is not a legal profession (as in Germany and Switzerland, for example) but is not prohibited. Of course there is prejudice and discrimination but they (both men and women) do not seem to worry much about this issue… They know it do exist and that the vast majority of service providers are foreign but I do not feel them so uncomfortable compared with other countries who like to look ‘very correct’ in front of everyone (So more kisses now for the Britishs… Lol).

Also I would like to use this appropriate time, while we’re on this subject, and leave a message for reflection at this time of migration and political crises: I’ll visit you in your home and offer you a ‘magic fruit’ that promises to relieve stress, heal sorrows, help you to be more confident and make you much happier. You became interested and bought my product. You liked it and called me back. Bought again and again. Another time. Do you expect me to stop providing the product/service in question? Do you think I’m immoral to sell you something it’s not allowed? And how about who’s buying it, is not immoral? I could be doing other things, it’s true… But I’ve found an opportunity in the supply and demand law including the possibility to live in a better place. That’s pretty tempting! You gave me the encouragement and motivation. Tell it to your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers and all people in your circle of friends: Stop making wars, hire prostitutes, to use drugs and hand-cheap labor and I guarantee you that the immigration problems of your country will be solved.



Eva R.


Good personal hygiene is a necessary life skill that can help one have positive self-esteem, and provide more opportunities in adulthood to get and maintain a job, social life and to lead a healthy life style. We Brazilians (Thank God) have inherited the good hygiene habits of ‘índios’ tribes: The vast majority of Brazilians take on average 2 baths a day. If you did not produce a lot of sweat during the day or are in a drier environment, it is not necessary to repeat the bath. But it is important to take a few minutes EVERYDAY to clean your body that supports you in your daily activities. And remember: socks and underwear (specially) should be changed every bath, because feet and genitals are more likely to accumulate germs and bacteria that generate displeasing odors.

No woman in the world feels excited about a man who when puts pants down seems an open sewage, not even an escort. This is very serious, guys! I’m tired to hear from some men: ‘My wife/girlfriend doesn’t want to make sex, doesn’t like giving me a blowjob, no kissing’ and in many cases I had to control myself to just listen and shut up instead of telling them the true. Be aware that in many ancient cultures shower was a ritual, a pleasure and not a sacrifice. It is like a good companion: to be enjoyed.


Here is a perfect SHOWERING SEQUENCE:

1 – Get into shower. Just check the temperature because too hot is not good for your skin. Put some shampoo and apply throughout the hair. Rub it well.


2 – Put enough soap in the sponge. If you don’t have a sponge, use your palm. Sponges should be replaced periodically.


3 – And close your eyes when washing the face to the soap does not come in contact with your eyes. And please, rub ears: Wash the outside and inside. Rinse with water.


4 – VERY IMPORTANT: Rub well armpits, with enough soap, as this area accumulates sweat and very bad smell. Wash the neck, arms, hands and nails (Yes, between the nails as well. There’s nothing uglier than dirty fingernails, like an armadillo that dug a hole in the ground).



5 – VERY IMPORTANT II: Rub the torso, back, legs and around the penis, around him, the balls and the anus, especially if you have too much hair by there. (Yes, wash them ALL with soap!) I will not need to explain why these parts are the most in need of care, right? Then do not complain when a woman does not want to perform oral sex on you.


6 – The feet also need care. Rub them well, including their soles and fingers.


7 – You’re almost done! Rinse all parts of the body and remove very well all the soap. Leaves no residue, it can give you allergy or itching. Soap, shampoo and conditioner were not meant to stay in the body, because if it was so, we would use no water.


8 – Boys: towels are not only to wrap the body: Use it! Do the same body wash sequence, starting with the head, from top to bottom, wiping fine ears, neck, back, arms, armpits, trunk, genitals (including under the bag and the anus), legs and don’t forget the feet – sit in bed and completely wipe each foot, including the areas between all fingers. Did you find out now because your foot has mycosis?


Now put a deodorant and if you wish, a good perfume. Notice how better you feel!

You are ready for a fresh sex 😉


This article was writed based on



Eva R.


In order to help international visitors to have a good stay in São Paulo and enjoy their time with a nice Brazilian companion I will be writing some hotel reviews with general information about rooms, services, location and how they deal with escort services.


Exchanging sex for money is officially allowed in Brazil. Although nobody can arrest you for buying or selling those services I highly recommend you to be careful due to the circumstances. Besides obvious, I will say it’s illegal to have sex with a teenager who’s under 18 years old, no matter if it’s payed or not.

There will be some topics I will cover and it may change a bit according to the place we are talking about but I will maintain a standard so you can guide yourself easily and choose wisely where to stay next time. Here we go:

HOTEL INFORMATION – Address, telephone numbers, website, price range and some other general information I find necessary to include.

LOCATION – A general view about hotel’s neighborhood and it’s facilities. I will probably mention how safe it is, if there are good restaurants nearby and so on.

ROOMS – Room’s quality is very important if you want to relax, right? Better to know before if there’s enough space, well cleaned or not, furniture and carpets state of conservation and things like that.

ESCORT FRIENDLY – Usually yes, if they don’t realize the girl besides you is an escort, as most of the hotels. Another reason why is good to have a high class escort. If requested, girls only present their id, fill a small form and then she can go to your room. As I said: if you have a VIP companion with you just get into the hotel, act normally and pretend you are a couple. Sometimes the security still stops you and ask (usually politely) for you go to reception and present girl’s identification. No panic, just do it and they let you go. As a standard, São Paulo hotels will ask the id of your ‘guest’ in order to protect your safety and to certify that the girl is 18+. Well, this is the main idea but some hotels take advantage of situation and charge an additional fee claiming you’ve just payed for one single person in the room and an extra has to be added to your bill.

EXTRA CHARGE – About the extra fee you have 2 options: you pay or the lady can’t go with you. If you really wanna go up with the girl just don’t create trouble. My advice is to talk to the manager the following day and say this is not fair and you may not stay at that hotel anymore. I particularly HATE those policies and think it is an extortion so you need to express your dissatisfaction and complain. I will let you know in the posts which hotels charge for an extra person and how much is it.

Did you have a good/bad experience with your São Paulo escort when going to your hotel? Maybe you have some questions or want to share your experience. Please, feel free to contact me



Eva Rodriguez


I like to work by myself, always been like that. Even in the clubs I only worked for the ones that would treat the girls with the minimum of respect. Rules are good, of course, even to establish a standard of service quality and therefore the club win more customers and the girls can work harder and better. But I never accepted abusive or exploitation conditions.

I have absolutely nothing against agencies that are honest and think it’s normal to charge a fair percentage of what each girl profits. It’s a business like any other, where the girl (seller) is offering her services through an intermediary (agency) that gets its profit by these girls. After all, with the agency #escorts did not have to worry about paying ads on the internet, register at countless sites in order to attract visitors (as I have to do), maintain and update the website by themselves (you do or have to pay someone), make a SEO planning focusing in to put your website on the first Google positions, maintaining a blog, etc… This is a lot of work (Don’t tell me about it)!

If you work for good agencies they do all this for you. Of course there are disadvantages in working for agencies and one of them is that unfortunately there are many dishonest people in that environment and I’ll give you some tips that can help you to not be fooled by these people.

First, understand the difference between agency, advertising website and #independentescort:

Agency: Don’t provide direct contact with the girl. Everything is agreed directly with them and usually they have one or two main phone numbers and email to organize the meetings.

Advertising website: Acts as a communication vehicle, as well as newspapers and magazines. The girls pay an ad that appears on the page but the site has nothing to do with the services offered. Companions place their contacts in the ads page such as telephone, email, link to their own website, etc.

Independent escort: I am a Brazilian independent escort. A good tip is to look for more information on the ‘about’ page: There you will often find a short biography, girl’s profile, likes and dislikes and also if an agency, there will be more information on that page.

Now that you know the difference, consider a few things before you take your relaxation time with his beautiful escort:

1) Look for known indications: If you choose to hire an escort by an agency, first ask for recommendations to a friend or colleague. If you do not know anyone who uses these services or do not have the courage to ask, search on the internet as there are several sites forums and reviews. Find out how long the agency is in the market, this can be a good indicator, because if they are active by a long time it means they’ve managed to stay in business. When in doubt, choose the most known.

2) False fotos and misuse of image: This is VERY common on the internet, including many agencies already have stolen my pictures. Ask to receive photos of the chosen girl in high resolution on your email. Note if photos are in good quality and if there is more than one photo clicked at the same scene and the girl wearing the same clothes. If the agency send pictures in high resolution and with these characteristics is a good sign. VIDEOS: give preference to girls who have any video in their portfolio, if the photos and the video are compatible you are lucky!

3) Photoshop: We all use a bit of corrections in our photos, it’s part of the marketing strategies. But use your common sense: girls with Barbie doll’s skin may have exaggerated a little. Another reason why profiles with making off has much more credibility.


4) Always agree EVERYTHING in advance: Prefer outcall escorts that you can meet in safe places like your hotel, for example. Also perform the payment directly to the girl when she arrives. If you have special requests it is better to combine all by phone earlier and confirm it with the escort (before starting) the value and extra services as there are many agencies that say ‘yes, it’s full service’ and often it was not combined with the girl and she gets there and don’t even knows what she will have to do.

5) ‘It’s too good to be true’ – BE SAFE: This good old advice can save you from many problems. Take care of your body and your health, after all you only have one. Girls or agencies that provide services directly on their page as CIF (come in face), CIM (come in mouth), extra services without a condom… Honestly, do you think are they really reliable? Do you think your penis is safe inside a sperm deposit? STD’s are often not visible and do not choose nationality, skin color or social class.

These are some basic tips. The more severe cases of human trafficking, for example, if you know about any escort working in these conditions and you are afraid to report or to commit, please simply do not go over to that place anymore. This type of crime only exists because there are people (customers) that feed this cruel and inhumane industry. Believe me, you are already doing your part in not only contributing to these criminals and look for women working in the business by choice and with complete freedom.




Eva Rodriguez


Wedding-Rings-for-Women-Tiffany-1401490710Yes, folks… I’ve been absent, right. I hung up my professional phone, have not answered more emails or when I did it was answered to say that I was busy. I’ve found a sponsor and then you know how it is: Total dedication 24/7. The person asks you total exclusivity and is controlling you all the time. Those men that calls you 892 times a day, including also calls at your mother’s house when you go over there. The truth is that I NEVER EVER tolerated a man like that. And I keep not tolerating it. So true that it did not work out. I never saw this as a relationship, at least for me never was, but as a well-paid job in which you put up with your boss because he pays you well. Simple like that, I provide you a service and you pay me.

As usual, took the part of the payment, is more or less like when mobile/internet companies offer you a plan with X minutes of callings, as some GB of internet navigation and other services at a price below normal for about a 3 month period, for example. Then the client accepts the conditions of use, so he begins to use the service and like it. Okay, all beautiful and wonderful! So this client liked the service so much and he wants to talk more minutes, he wants more time surfing on the internet, the signal is very good, has 24 hour assistance, concierge service included… But he still wants more! He also wants a personal-stylist, driver, nurse, housekeeper, travel agent, psychologist and everything he can (and what can not he also wants). But yet, however, although he wants to continue paying that same symbolic value in the beginning of contract. Remembering that you’ve had warned him that this was a limited-time promotion.

Moreover, working in this business you can never go directly to the point. You must first pay attention, to get to know the person, understand their problems and difficulties, learning how to make him feel the hottest man in the world as much as captivating the client so at the end of the ‘promotion’ he signs the contract with you paying you what you think you deserve for the services rendered.

Italian, millionaire, with nearly 80 years, has been married six times, extremely macho, absolutely arrogant, rude and lonely (ah, do not tell me!). Humiliates and offends staff and waiters in restaurants all the time, stops the car on the pedestrian crossing and does not allow anyone to complain, changes lawyer every 2 or 3 months, does offensive and prejudiced comments out loud, in front of people, like, ‘Look at that fat woman that has now entered, she is ridiculous!’, among many other numerous absurdities.

Anyway, until the day he asked me to marry him. I accepted, according to certain conditions… Financial conditions, of course! He told me that he agreed, but when  it was time to complete the proposal and sign the contract (yes, of course, I’ve purposed a formal contract) he wanted to trick me and change some basic conditions. I obviously in the EXTREME LIMIT of my patience just gave up because I realized that foul human being clearly didn’t wanted to do nothing for me.

As a friend of mine use to say when we were invited to private parties at Cristiano Ronaldo’s house in Madrid: ‘Yes, he has a lot of money. But will he give me? Because if he does not share a bit of what he has I simply have no interest’.

I still had time to go to the jewelry shop. I took the rings and sold them.



Eva Rodriguez


arvore-de-natalI ended up staying in Europe during those holidays to make some extra money. Bad idea. Things are slow and I always get a bit sensitive during this time of the year.

But I always say that and will repeat it again: “Better alone than in bad companionship”. Or with some very very ‘sweet’ Latino asshole  who just wanna fuck you. I’m done with that. Maybe I’m getting old. I’m only 20 something… Maybe. I had to become and adult very early. But it’s ok, I’ve decided it’s more than time for me to do whatever pleases me, without caring too much about what others are thinking.

I just called home to wish Merry Christmas, and already regretted:

– Hi, uncle Luiz, how are you?

– I’m fine, thanks. And you? Where are you? When are you coming to see us? Why didn´t you come now? Did you get married? Oh, you should, you should!! You know, you are getting old, so if you wait too much it gets even more difficult!

After that, I just thank God for spending this time of the year far from them. I know they like me and they just care about me. But it’s completely annoying and archaic. Let me do what I have to do, what I like to do… Even to learn from the mistakes. It’s still so difficult for Latin society to accept a woman who leaves home to live abroad, alone, without a man. I don’t even want to imagine how they will react if they knew I am an escort!!! I think some of them will have a heart attack… ‘She is so smart, have been to university, speaks 3 or 4 languages. Why?’

Why? For many reasons, because I’m a bit rebel, because I like money, I like travelling, I hate shitty inequality in Brazil and its life non-quality, I didn’t want to be working so hard for years and years and maybe to have a promotion one day, receiving less than my male colleagues AND to split the bill (that’s the end of the world for me!) Goooooood, how I hate splitting the bill!!!! After my manicure and pedicure, my Brazilian hot wax session, grooming the hair, all the facial creams routine, make-up (primer, foundation, concealer, eyelashes, 4 or 5 eyeshadows, eyebrowns design and correction, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, finish powder…) plus to walk on a high heels with a g-string inside your ass… I’m sorry, that’s too much!! I must be payed for that.

Merry Christmas!


Eva Rodriguez