That IS the question. Men are stupid, very stupid. They think just because they are not being charged directly to be with a woman who asks them a certain amount of money to spend a number of hours with them, it means they are getting ‘free’ sex. There are men who are filled with pride to say, ‘I have never paid women to have sex with me’ or when they meet me and the first thing to say is: ’You know, this is the first time I pay an escort.’ Dear darlings, understand that for me there is NO DIFFERENCE between you and another man who hires call girls often. This is not going to make give you a discount, or to treat you better than ‘the others’, and not even to do things I do not do or which have not been previously agreed. What really interests me is that you respect me as a professional, as a human being and of course, that you pay me.

I always say that men who hire escorts are not paying for sex, because sex you can get without having to make a direct payment, but the real reasons why they pay are others, including:

– Free Attachment – Freedom to fuck you and never have to look on your face again. No links the next day, no questions asked. Know that I also love this part because if it is bad I know there is time to end! But my favorite time is when I get my envelope filled with that paper with unique and peculiar smell 😉
– Guilty Free – Yes, when they cheat on their wives and girlfriends with an escort they do not feel guilty, for them this should not be considered cheating (and often also in the back of their minds do not feel guilty even when they cheat with a non-escort, those dirty pigs. That’s why I’m happy to spank them and take their money!)
– Convenience – Time is a luxury item today, as well as a high class escort. You are on a business trip, you can not be out every night in bars and clubs where you often do not know the local language and native habits to try your luck by finding a woman who wants to spend the night with you.
– Sexual Preferences – The old story. Generally do not have enough freedom to do some things with the partner, very common in this case to ask for the famous ‘prostate massage’, BDSM, among other requests.

In my case and I believe the majority of VIP Escorts sex is not the main motivation for which they call us, after all there are many, many other competitors in the market with much more affordable rates. Not that I do not do well, quite the opposite, but it’s another customer profile where it also seeks a girlfriend experience (GFE), a good and elegant companion for dinner and chatting.

But back to the topic, I have bad news for you: YOU ARE BEING CHARGED ON THIS! And if not, probably you will be. You actually were already charged before going out with that woman because to court her, you try to pass her a good impression (and you have to work hard because between us, you are not 100% trustable, aren’t you?). Then initiated the seduction process, where you want to show her you have good manners to sit at the table during lunch with co-workers, avoid staring at other women in her presence (even if they are almost naked and rubbing their breasts in your face. Such a challenge, isn’t?), it also happens that you will hold your farts when you know she’s around, among hundreds of other things.

This is only the first part. If your efforts take effect and all goes well you invite to dinner and she will accept, sooner or later. Then you choose a good restaurant and a great wine, maybe even two bottles, after all drunk women are easier to take to bed, moreover they are more cheerful and even laugh about all nonsense you say. Okay, now you ate, drank, and both are in the mood to go further and now it’s time to go. Who will pay the bill?


Oh, and do not forget that at the end of dinner she may be in those critical days of the month, you know, right? (sometimes is a lie, we’re not in the mode and we say it to you). I think you better get ready to make another invitation, which can be an advantage as the second or third date she may offer herself to split the bill, but at the first meeting I think it’s kind of hard, dear darlings.

Just to finish, please also do not forget that after sex (if you get there) she may like being closer to you, too closer sometimes! So if you are not ready for something deeper or if you don’t want her as a girlfriend better you find a GOOD explanation, without hurting her. Otherwise you will be charged for more time, attention, commitment and so on. So, if all you want is sex, please find a honest way to get that. Good luck!


Eva Rodriguez

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