I have a long-term client and we have known each other for about 3 years or so and see each according to his availability, of course. We met in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2012 and since then we have always been in touch, despite the fights and arguments (yes, we also fight as husband and wife).He is a well-known business man in his country, a person with a good heart and that tries to help me whenever possible. But no one is perfect. In his case, among other weakness, one of the things we’ve fight a lot it’s about his way of ‘gifting’.

Example? Once, right at the beginning when I’ve met him only a few times he told me he has coming to Brazil a certain date and then made his bookings with me normally for about 3 nights. At the specific date and time, I arrived at his hotel and we went out for dinner, later we returned to the hotel and already at the room he told me he had bought me a gift. Then handed me the package, I opened it and found a beautiful black leather jacket: ‘How beautiful, thank you!’ I had really liked the gift, model, color, etc… It was a garment that I really was in need and even considering to buy it in a few months. Some seconds later he just disappointed me: ‘Look, this is a jacket from Burberry, but it has no label because I bought in China, at the factory of a friend of mine who makes famous brands replicas. But it’s absolutely the same thing!! The model is just like, okay?’

I do not even had time to check any famous brand label and he released me with this genuine pearl. I was admiring the model, it was beautiful and real leather. And by the way I still have that jacket and use it a lot, I really liked. The only problem was that comment he made in the end because:

1. No customer is obliged to give me gifts, I do not expect it. What I want is to be payed for my services and by the time I spend with them, according to what we agreed.
2. NEVER, EVER in your life gift a woman with replicas. Men who do this deserve a shock in the ass. Replicas are the kind of thing that you only buy for you (and not even that), I personally do not buy them. If I can not or do not want to spend much I’d rather buy another affordable brand with good quality.
3. Completely disgusting  that he want to overvalue the present to say it’s the same thing, the same model and that it  ONLY does not have the label! Probably with the intention of letting me suuuper grateful and expecting a return equivalent to the (original) gift value. Did not work!!!

I just gave a grim smile after the comment, took the gift and I had to control myself for don’t tell him to fuck off.

That was just one of the episodes I have to tell about him, I will talk about other situations in further posts. After that time in touch with him I must admit that with great effort and tips I gave him he has really improved, I will not deny, but sometimes I need to remind him about a few things!

I am now in Paris, where I am writing this post and he is here with me. A few days before coming here as we organizing the details of the trip he came up with a similar idea… He sent me an email with the link of a YSL shoes he would like to see me wearing. A website of used products! People who buy a product from famous brands and for some reason do not like them and sell them on the internet for a much more affordable price. According to him are all new garments, unused and original. Aham, I know! A lot of people seems to enjoy wasting money buying very expensive things and then not use and sell them for 30% of the amount paid. Nice!

Of course I complained. I said I would not accept any gifts from him or from anyone who was not directly purchased in the store and was properly labeled and packaged. If it comes with the invoice, even better. Only in this way for me to make sure the origin of the object and if I do not like that I can go to the store and exchange it for something else of my own choice. (Or even sell on the internet for a super economic price to increase my source of income!)

After the discussion about this subject I give him a lecture about these bad habits and I finally got some results. Tangible results, directly from the store and chosen by me:


Eva R.

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