After some days off for holidays now it’s time to come back to work! Now I’m getting ready to go to Spain and of course, take a stroll through Europe, because after all I love the old continent. Do not forget that’ll basically be installed in Madrid but I accept invitations (with pleasure literally) for visits and trips within the European continent;)


To be quite honest I do not always feel very comfortable there because the Spanishs in general (not all, I know!) tend to be rude and prejudiced with Brazilian people. I am not speaking about the customers because the vast majority are very kind but what I say is in relation to the general conviviality, like when you go to the grocery store, the gym and even (believe me) when you go shopping. Yes, I am polite, I do dress well, have good looks (people often think I’m Italian) and I speak Spanish fluently but unfortunately many people when realize that I am Brazilian immediately begin to treat you with hostility. Example? Once I walked into a luxury lingerie shop on Calle Serrano, saw a bra that I liked and asked saleswoman for my size and then she simply replied gruffly: ‘We don’t have it’. So that way, without even bothering to go to look for or to check on stock. And this as not the first nor the second time. I have some other escort Brazilian friends who visited Spain and all have reported very similar cases, even worse. You are less likely to go through it in London, for example. (Btw, warm kisses and hugs to Britishs and Scottishs!)

But now let’s talk about the good things about Spain, and which are many:

  • Wheater: Even winter is not nearly as cold as northern Europe, making it easy to adapt for those coming from a tropical country. Summer is hot and many tourists around the world come to the country to enjoy this time;
  • Food: The food is wonderful! The menu is full of vegetables, fruits and seafood. There is a wide variety and quality of fresh food, without forgetting of course the great Spanish wines you find in the supermarket for 5 or 6 euros;
  • Transport: Public transport in Madrid is very good. You can do many things on foot as it is pleasant to walk around town and also the Metro system and buses are very comprehensive, covering various parts of the city and is easy to use. 10!
  • Nightlife: One of the most famous in the world and it really leaves nothing to be desired. Concerts, bars and clubs for all audiences are available 7 days a week and always open until very (very) late. Madrid es una fiesta!
  • Culture: They are the ‘Latinos of Europe’ often easier to approach for a chat. Because of the language also facilitates conversation and understanding of issues in common, jokes, among other things. Spaniards love football, including headquarter many sporting events throughout the year.

Still on the cultural aspects I also like the mentality of the Spanish people regarding prostitution: it is not a legal profession (as in Germany and Switzerland, for example) but is not prohibited. Of course there is prejudice and discrimination but they (both men and women) do not seem to worry much about this issue… They know it do exist and that the vast majority of service providers are foreign but I do not feel them so uncomfortable compared with other countries who like to look ‘very correct’ in front of everyone (So more kisses now for the Britishs… Lol).

Also I would like to use this appropriate time, while we’re on this subject, and leave a message for reflection at this time of migration and political crises: I’ll visit you in your home and offer you a ‘magic fruit’ that promises to relieve stress, heal sorrows, help you to be more confident and make you much happier. You became interested and bought my product. You liked it and called me back. Bought again and again. Another time. Do you expect me to stop providing the product/service in question? Do you think I’m immoral to sell you something it’s not allowed? And how about who’s buying it, is not immoral? I could be doing other things, it’s true… But I’ve found an opportunity in the supply and demand law including the possibility to live in a better place. That’s pretty tempting! You gave me the encouragement and motivation. Tell it to your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers and all people in your circle of friends: Stop making wars, hire prostitutes, to use drugs and hand-cheap labor and I guarantee you that the immigration problems of your country will be solved.



Eva R.

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