Good personal hygiene is a necessary life skill that can help one have positive self-esteem, and provide more opportunities in adulthood to get and maintain a job, social life and to lead a healthy life style. We Brazilians (Thank God) have inherited the good hygiene habits of ‘índios’ tribes: The vast majority of Brazilians take on average 2 baths a day. If you did not produce a lot of sweat during the day or are in a drier environment, it is not necessary to repeat the bath. But it is important to take a few minutes EVERYDAY to clean your body that supports you in your daily activities. And remember: socks and underwear (specially) should be changed every bath, because feet and genitals are more likely to accumulate germs and bacteria that generate displeasing odors.

No woman in the world feels excited about a man who when puts pants down seems an open sewage, not even an escort. This is very serious, guys! I’m tired to hear from some men: ‘My wife/girlfriend doesn’t want to make sex, doesn’t like giving me a blowjob, no kissing’ and in many cases I had to control myself to just listen and shut up instead of telling them the true. Be aware that in many ancient cultures shower was a ritual, a pleasure and not a sacrifice. It is like a good companion: to be enjoyed.


Here is a perfect SHOWERING SEQUENCE:

1 – Get into shower. Just check the temperature because too hot is not good for your skin. Put some shampoo and apply throughout the hair. Rub it well.


2 – Put enough soap in the sponge. If you don’t have a sponge, use your palm. Sponges should be replaced periodically.


3 – And close your eyes when washing the face to the soap does not come in contact with your eyes. And please, rub ears: Wash the outside and inside. Rinse with water.


4 – VERY IMPORTANT: Rub well armpits, with enough soap, as this area accumulates sweat and very bad smell. Wash the neck, arms, hands and nails (Yes, between the nails as well. There’s nothing uglier than dirty fingernails, like an armadillo that dug a hole in the ground).



5 – VERY IMPORTANT II: Rub the torso, back, legs and around the penis, around him, the balls and the anus, especially if you have too much hair by there. (Yes, wash them ALL with soap!) I will not need to explain why these parts are the most in need of care, right? Then do not complain when a woman does not want to perform oral sex on you.


6 – The feet also need care. Rub them well, including their soles and fingers.


7 – You’re almost done! Rinse all parts of the body and remove very well all the soap. Leaves no residue, it can give you allergy or itching. Soap, shampoo and conditioner were not meant to stay in the body, because if it was so, we would use no water.


8 – Boys: towels are not only to wrap the body: Use it! Do the same body wash sequence, starting with the head, from top to bottom, wiping fine ears, neck, back, arms, armpits, trunk, genitals (including under the bag and the anus), legs and don’t forget the feet – sit in bed and completely wipe each foot, including the areas between all fingers. Did you find out now because your foot has mycosis?


Now put a deodorant and if you wish, a good perfume. Notice how better you feel!

You are ready for a fresh sex 😉


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Eva R.

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