In order to help international visitors to have a good stay in São Paulo and enjoy their time with a nice Brazilian companion I will be writing some hotel reviews with general information about rooms, services, location and how they deal with escort services.


Exchanging sex for money is officially allowed in Brazil. Although nobody can arrest you for buying or selling those services I highly recommend you to be careful due to the circumstances. Besides obvious, I will say it’s illegal to have sex with a teenager who’s under 18 years old, no matter if it’s payed or not.

There will be some topics I will cover and it may change a bit according to the place we are talking about but I will maintain a standard so you can guide yourself easily and choose wisely where to stay next time. Here we go:

HOTEL INFORMATION – Address, telephone numbers, website, price range and some other general information I find necessary to include.

LOCATION – A general view about hotel’s neighborhood and it’s facilities. I will probably mention how safe it is, if there are good restaurants nearby and so on.

ROOMS – Room’s quality is very important if you want to relax, right? Better to know before if there’s enough space, well cleaned or not, furniture and carpets state of conservation and things like that.

ESCORT FRIENDLY – Usually yes, if they don’t realize the girl besides you is an escort, as most of the hotels. Another reason why is good to have a high class escort. If requested, girls only present their id, fill a small form and then she can go to your room. As I said: if you have a VIP companion with you just get into the hotel, act normally and pretend you are a couple. Sometimes the security still stops you and ask (usually politely) for you go to reception and present girl’s identification. No panic, just do it and they let you go. As a standard, São Paulo hotels will ask the id of your ‘guest’ in order to protect your safety and to certify that the girl is 18+. Well, this is the main idea but some hotels take advantage of situation and charge an additional fee claiming you’ve just payed for one single person in the room and an extra has to be added to your bill.

EXTRA CHARGE – About the extra fee you have 2 options: you pay or the lady can’t go with you. If you really wanna go up with the girl just don’t create trouble. My advice is to talk to the manager the following day and say this is not fair and you may not stay at that hotel anymore. I particularly HATE those policies and think it is an extortion so you need to express your dissatisfaction and complain. I will let you know in the posts which hotels charge for an extra person and how much is it.

Did you have a good/bad experience with your São Paulo escort when going to your hotel? Maybe you have some questions or want to share your experience. Please, feel free to contact me



Eva Rodriguez

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