I like to work by myself, always been like that. Even in the clubs I only worked for the ones that would treat the girls with the minimum of respect. Rules are good, of course, even to establish a standard of service quality and therefore the club win more customers and the girls can work harder and better. But I never accepted abusive or exploitation conditions.

I have absolutely nothing against agencies that are honest and think it’s normal to charge a fair percentage of what each girl profits. It’s a business like any other, where the girl (seller) is offering her services through an intermediary (agency) that gets its profit by these girls. After all, with the agency #escorts did not have to worry about paying ads on the internet, register at countless sites in order to attract visitors (as I have to do), maintain and update the website by themselves (you do or have to pay someone), make a SEO planning focusing in to put your website on the first Google positions, maintaining a blog, etc… This is a lot of work (Don’t tell me about it)!

If you work for good agencies they do all this for you. Of course there are disadvantages in working for agencies and one of them is that unfortunately there are many dishonest people in that environment and I’ll give you some tips that can help you to not be fooled by these people.

First, understand the difference between agency, advertising website and #independentescort:

Agency: Don’t provide direct contact with the girl. Everything is agreed directly with them and usually they have one or two main phone numbers and email to organize the meetings.

Advertising website: Acts as a communication vehicle, as well as newspapers and magazines. The girls pay an ad that appears on the page but the site has nothing to do with the services offered. Companions place their contacts in the ads page such as telephone, email, link to their own website, etc.

Independent escort: I am a Brazilian independent escort. A good tip is to look for more information on the ‘about’ page: http://www.evafriends.com/about-2/. There you will often find a short biography, girl’s profile, likes and dislikes and also if an agency, there will be more information on that page.

Now that you know the difference, consider a few things before you take your relaxation time with his beautiful escort:

1) Look for known indications: If you choose to hire an escort by an agency, first ask for recommendations to a friend or colleague. If you do not know anyone who uses these services or do not have the courage to ask, search on the internet as there are several sites forums and reviews. Find out how long the agency is in the market, this can be a good indicator, because if they are active by a long time it means they’ve managed to stay in business. When in doubt, choose the most known.

2) False fotos and misuse of image: This is VERY common on the internet, including many agencies already have stolen my pictures. Ask to receive photos of the chosen girl in high resolution on your email. Note if photos are in good quality and if there is more than one photo clicked at the same scene and the girl wearing the same clothes. If the agency send pictures in high resolution and with these characteristics is a good sign. VIDEOS: give preference to girls who have any video in their portfolio, if the photos and the video are compatible you are lucky!

3) Photoshop: We all use a bit of corrections in our photos, it’s part of the marketing strategies. But use your common sense: girls with Barbie doll’s skin may have exaggerated a little. Another reason why profiles with making off has much more credibility.


4) Always agree EVERYTHING in advance: Prefer outcall escorts that you can meet in safe places like your hotel, for example. Also perform the payment directly to the girl when she arrives. If you have special requests it is better to combine all by phone earlier and confirm it with the escort (before starting) the value and extra services as there are many agencies that say ‘yes, it’s full service’ and often it was not combined with the girl and she gets there and don’t even knows what she will have to do.

5) ‘It’s too good to be true’ – BE SAFE: This good old advice can save you from many problems. Take care of your body and your health, after all you only have one. Girls or agencies that provide services directly on their page as CIF (come in face), CIM (come in mouth), extra services without a condom… Honestly, do you think are they really reliable? Do you think your penis is safe inside a sperm deposit? STD’s are often not visible and do not choose nationality, skin color or social class.

These are some basic tips. The more severe cases of human trafficking, for example, if you know about any escort working in these conditions and you are afraid to report or to commit, please simply do not go over to that place anymore. This type of crime only exists because there are people (customers) that feed this cruel and inhumane industry. Believe me, you are already doing your part in not only contributing to these criminals and look for women working in the business by choice and with complete freedom.




Eva Rodriguez

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