Wedding-Rings-for-Women-Tiffany-1401490710Yes, folks… I’ve been absent, right. I hung up my professional phone, have not answered more emails or when I did it was answered to say that I was busy. I’ve found a sponsor and then you know how it is: Total dedication 24/7. The person asks you total exclusivity and is controlling you all the time. Those men that calls you 892 times a day, including also calls at your mother’s house when you go over there. The truth is that I NEVER EVER tolerated a man like that. And I keep not tolerating it. So true that it did not work out. I never saw this as a relationship, at least for me never was, but as a well-paid job in which you put up with your boss because he pays you well. Simple like that, I provide you a service and you pay me.

As usual, took the part of the payment, is more or less like when mobile/internet companies offer you a plan with X minutes of callings, as some GB of internet navigation and other services at a price below normal for about a 3 month period, for example. Then the client accepts the conditions of use, so he begins to use the service and like it. Okay, all beautiful and wonderful! So this client liked the service so much and he wants to talk more minutes, he wants more time surfing on the internet, the signal is very good, has 24 hour assistance, concierge service included… But he still wants more! He also wants a personal-stylist, driver, nurse, housekeeper, travel agent, psychologist and everything he can (and what can not he also wants). But yet, however, although he wants to continue paying that same symbolic value in the beginning of contract. Remembering that you’ve had warned him that this was a limited-time promotion.

Moreover, working in this business you can never go directly to the point. You must first pay attention, to get to know the person, understand their problems and difficulties, learning how to make him feel the hottest man in the world as much as captivating the client so at the end of the ‘promotion’ he signs the contract with you paying you what you think you deserve for the services rendered.

Italian, millionaire, with nearly 80 years, has been married six times, extremely macho, absolutely arrogant, rude and lonely (ah, do not tell me!). Humiliates and offends staff and waiters in restaurants all the time, stops the car on the pedestrian crossing and does not allow anyone to complain, changes lawyer every 2 or 3 months, does offensive and prejudiced comments out loud, in front of people, like, ‘Look at that fat woman that has now entered, she is ridiculous!’, among many other numerous absurdities.

Anyway, until the day he asked me to marry him. I accepted, according to certain conditions… Financial conditions, of course! He told me that he agreed, but when  it was time to complete the proposal and sign the contract (yes, of course, I’ve purposed a formal contract) he wanted to trick me and change some basic conditions. I obviously in the EXTREME LIMIT of my patience just gave up because I realized that foul human being clearly didn’t wanted to do nothing for me.

As a friend of mine use to say when we were invited to private parties at Cristiano Ronaldo’s house in Madrid: ‘Yes, he has a lot of money. But will he give me? Because if he does not share a bit of what he has I simply have no interest’.

I still had time to go to the jewelry shop. I took the rings and sold them.



Eva Rodriguez

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