arvore-de-natalI ended up staying in Europe during those holidays to make some extra money. Bad idea. Things are slow and I always get a bit sensitive during this time of the year.

But I always say that and will repeat it again: “Better alone than in bad companionship”. Or with some very very ‘sweet’ Latino asshole  who just wanna fuck you. I’m done with that. Maybe I’m getting old. I’m only 20 something… Maybe. I had to become and adult very early. But it’s ok, I’ve decided it’s more than time for me to do whatever pleases me, without caring too much about what others are thinking.

I just called home to wish Merry Christmas, and already regretted:

– Hi, uncle Luiz, how are you?

– I’m fine, thanks. And you? Where are you? When are you coming to see us? Why didn´t you come now? Did you get married? Oh, you should, you should!! You know, you are getting old, so if you wait too much it gets even more difficult!

After that, I just thank God for spending this time of the year far from them. I know they like me and they just care about me. But it’s completely annoying and archaic. Let me do what I have to do, what I like to do… Even to learn from the mistakes. It’s still so difficult for Latin society to accept a woman who leaves home to live abroad, alone, without a man. I don’t even want to imagine how they will react if they knew I am an escort!!! I think some of them will have a heart attack… ‘She is so smart, have been to university, speaks 3 or 4 languages. Why?’

Why? For many reasons, because I’m a bit rebel, because I like money, I like travelling, I hate shitty inequality in Brazil and its life non-quality, I didn’t want to be working so hard for years and years and maybe to have a promotion one day, receiving less than my male colleagues AND to split the bill (that’s the end of the world for me!) Goooooood, how I hate splitting the bill!!!! After my manicure and pedicure, my Brazilian hot wax session, grooming the hair, all the facial creams routine, make-up (primer, foundation, concealer, eyelashes, 4 or 5 eyeshadows, eyebrowns design and correction, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, finish powder…) plus to walk on a high heels with a g-string inside your ass… I’m sorry, that’s too much!! I must be payed for that.

Merry Christmas!


Eva Rodriguez


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