Tantra has been around for at least 5,000 years and is a very particular kind of teaching practices and where today there are different lines and beliefs. Unfortunately, many people confuse and defame tantra because they really didn’t understood the original vision.

By the 60s came what we call the Neotantra movement, widespread by the Indian master Osho and his followers, where the teachings are related and integrated with some other forms of alternative therapies, although not tolerated by many people due to the proposed sexual freedom it presents.

Individuals with a distorted vision and serious moral and sexual disorders use tantra irresponsibly and unethically to manipulate others, especially some self-entitled gurus who offer trainings solely for sexual purposes. It’s necessary a lot of attention and self control for not to use the tantric practices as a pretext for all sorts of hackneyed sex.

The real goal of tantra is to create what we call ‘oceanic experience’. The practices extend the ability to release energy expansion, creating a new state of awareness and consciousness. The changes are seen in everyday life, where people tend to live more relaxed, to express themselves more easily, with fewer social ties and castrating and repressive behaviors. Tantra is harmony and liberation.

Orgasm comes second in tantra, the main goal is to reach the supreme transcendental state of the female and male union (not necessarily being practiced only between women and men). Although you can search about tantra in books or on the internet, the real understanding occurs only by practice. But this requires surrender, trust and deep relaxation.

Our society and current lifestyle does not allow us to be in touch with our natural wisdom and that disconnection cause us many negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, loneliness, and many others, as well as serious diseases and frustrations. Tantra is the key to liberation and understanding for what each must find within yourself.

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Eva Rodriguez

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