There’s still a lot of misunderstanding regarding this concept: GFE – Girlfriend Experience and I will explain you a bit according to my view and experience. More important than to talk about what is I would like to start to what IS NOT:

  • SEX WITHOUT CONDOM – Between the high end and well educated providers it’s not often but I’ve seen quite a few… As a truly independent elite escort in Lisbon I find this attitude absolutely irresponsible, there’s no other way to qualify it. I’ve never worked under this circumstances and I honestly believe that any woman who has a minimum discernment and power of choice shouldn’t do that. Those who buy it are seriously needing some help too. Then I’ve heard ‘But don’t you have sex with your boyfriend without condom?’ and the answer is ‘NO’;
  • TO BE A PORNSTAR – I mean to do rough sex and/or without any rules or limits. Those ‘whatever happens’ or ‘everything is allowed’ or even ‘let’s party together and get high until morning’ doesn’t interest me. It’s possible to provide elite escort services in Lisbon and worldwide without that. Sorry to disappoint you guys;
  • LAST MINUTE APPOINTMENTS – I keep repeating about that because some clients still think that we don’t do anything else rather than be all day waiting for the phone rings. Some girls dedicate 100% of their time for this profession, but not all. Yes, we do work, we do study, we do go to gym and we do have a personal life, some even have husband and kids. That’s why I no longer work for agencies (they want you to be with makeup and on your Louboutins 24/7 ready for anything at anytime) and prefer to focus in meeting few clients who really valorize an upscale independent escort by booking in advance by email, those are my favorites!;
  • TO BECOME YOUR GIRLFRIEND – We are uniquely exclusive to you for the hours you pay. After that we don’t owe you any explanation about what/where we are doing or going and specially about our private lives. If we meet accidentally when I’m working, in the airport or even going out with friends just be discreet and don’t say anything. If I see you with your wife I will definitely pretend I’ve never seen your face. Please, respect our privacy;
  • TO KNOW OUR REAL NAMES – A few months ago I’ve met one guy in one of best hotels in the city, he treated me nice, was polite and seemed to be respectful. Then he was insisting to know my real name, I said another name and after our meeting he started spamming me on my WhatsApp asking to see me again and on my professional email calling me the other name, even including the link of some dating websites he was participating trying to invite me to go out with him in this other environment (without paying, of course). The smartest man in the world… Ha ha ha! I hate when people sub estimate my intelligence because I’m an independent escort. I had to block him and I don’t want to meet this man anymore, not even for money. Honestly? Disgusting. Just DON’T be that guy, it’s absolutely ridiculous. So, if you are reading this now just be aware that if you contact me using other email or bother me again then I will reveal your REAL FULL NAME, phone number and other information in public. Or if necessary I can also adopt some other special procedures 🙂

I don’t mean to offend anyone, this post it’s just to clarify some inappropriate ideas some people have. Everyone is free to do whatever they want as long as you don’t hurt or push the boundaries with other people. To my friends escorts, adult actresses and other professionals just do what feels good and make sense to you.

In another post I will then talk about WHAT IS GFE – Girlfriend Experience. Enjoy this beautiful summer!

Eva Rodriguez

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