Hello boys, today I came to fulfill my role as sex educator and to give some basic but very important tips for you to get your gold star and be considered an amazing lover. Come on!

Hygiene is something really serious

You’ve booked an appointment and are ready and anxious for finally meeting your Lisbon escort, but please do not forget ever that you also have hair, then trim them once in a while. Nothing more unpleasant than the woman get to give a good blowjob and come back with a lot of hair stuck on the tongue! Besides being unhygienic, there is no pleasure in making an oral sex like this. To shower properly and regularly is essential, Brazilian women hate men who smell bad, by the way, learn here how to take a good shower. Oral hygiene care is also necessary, especially if you are a smoker, nobody wants to kiss a person who seems to have swallowed an ashtray or a dead mouse.

Enjoy your partner, not your body

Having sex looking in the mirror can leave your partner wondering: “What am I doing here” Leave it to look in the mirror at home, to enjoy your six pack abs and multiple muscles. And notice the woman’s body that’s on the bed, even if she doesn’t have a perfect body such as a high class Lisbon escort. With all media pressure and its unattainable beauty standards it is normal that many women do not feel comfortable to have sex in front of the mirror, so respect her decision always.

Take it easy in fondling

Some women are not adept at certain ‘enthusiasm’ in bed. For example: to squeeze her boobs and nipples (your VIP Lisbon escort Eva here doesn’t like), bites, not all women like that. Yes, it’s over to mark your partner with hickeys! This is sexist and outdated, no need to ‘mark your territory’ in this way, leave internal and not external marks. It is better to be remembered for having done an excellent sex than to be remembered for these unpleasant attitudes.

Pleasure touch

Some men like to be touched in the anus. If you have a fixed partner talk to her about it, do not try this without a conversation before, not all women think it’s normal and like to do, there’s still a lot of prejudice about this issue. If you don’t feel comfortable to ask your wife/girlfriend, hire the services of an independent escort in Lisbon.

Does ‘love spanking’ hurt? Yes it hurts!

Know that not all like it. Before trying an innovation, ask your partner, if you are having sex for the first time, take it easy with your daring, you may inadvertently scare the lady!

amantesDifferent positions

Not all women are adept the Kama Sutra positions. Suggest changes carefully. Remember also that at least 99% of women are not contortionists, not even an elite escort.

Premature ejaculation?

If you will meet a hot woman, like an independent escort in Lisbon, and think you will finish fast, a very good tip is to masturbate before the meeting. After all, a quickie is good from time to time, but nice it is a pleasant and calm sex.

Underwear are attractive (or not)

Think a little more about your underwear. As women spend some time thinking of a wonderful panties which you sometimes doesn’t even notice and take it very soon, please avoid dirty, red, thin or torn underwear! Also for those who love to wear a swimsuit, the impression is that your underwear were all dirty and you put the bathing suit for lack of choice! That’s pretty boring.

Don’t press her to come!

Do not be obsessed with female orgasm, not even the most naughty Lisbon escort can come under those circumstances. Most women think it’s super annoying the guy who gets all the time: “Come to me, come, come!!!!” Each person has it’s own time. Moreover to have an orgasm under pressure is even harder. To leave a woman relaxed, being comfortable is extremely important during this time.

Be careful with words

Not all like to hear bad words in bed. It is better to know (and feel) a little bit more about your partner before you open your mouth in bed.

Size does not matter

I know it’s a cliche, but true, and if you doubt me, please ask any other elite escort in Lisbon. Knowing how to use your ‘stuff’ it is EXTREMELY important. Be calm, make your partner relax and enjoy every second of pleasure you can provide her. Most men who have large dicks, think it is enough and do not care about much more important things, like giving a good pussy licking, for example.

Kissing is very important

It is the beginning of everything (usually). Even more important is knowing what not to do and what to do during oral sex (an idea for a next and looooong post). It seems like small details, but they make all the difference during sex.

I think I gave you a hand by now, right? I will talk more in future posts.



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