being-gentleman-quotesContinuing my series of posts that are an educational guide to male audience, today I decided to talk about simple details but that make all the difference to a woman and that often you do not know, pretend you don’t know and/or forget.

  1. Being a gentleman is an aphrodisiac

Did you invite her for that special dinner or date and trying to continue with her all night? Be a gentleman. Give her attention during the conversation, don’t talk with a mouth full, don’t talk only about you and your achievements, show interest in her life and make niceness, such as opening the car door, offer to pay the bill in the first meetings (excuse me the most ‘modern’ but majority women I know, from various nationalities and social classes observe this ‘detail’). But if you’ve invited a gorgeous Lisbon escort to have dinner with you, this is not an issue, she will for sure let you pay 🙂 Remember always that gentlemen acts are female aphrodisiac.

  1. Add some action into your life

Practicing a martial art, adventure sports or even running spice up your sex life. The intensity of physical activities stimulate dopamine in the brain. Besides two other major advantages: you stay in shape and uses some of your energy during exercise, so you don’t go to meet your girlfriend or an elite escort in Lisbon or worldwide by inviting her for a Fly Me To You appointment like a hungry dog who spent 60 days in the desert.

  1. Buy her favorite candy

Although many women are demanding (I, me, myself), some small treats can have same effect as more expensive gifts. Buying her favorite candy and gift her in non special occasions is an example, this is also a nice thing to offer to your VIP Lisbon escort when she arrives at your hotel. But it’s good not to buy large quantities, because she may tell you are ruining her diet. Lol

  1. Say ‘Hi’ with kisses

It’s important to greet your girlfriend/partner with a kiss. I know this is not common in many cultures, but why not to try it? When you get home say ‘Hi’ and give her a surprise kiss.

  1. Hug her from behind

Not only your favorite escort in Lisbon like when you hold her tight but women in general love when you hold us lovingly from behind and whispers in our ears (I like, I like…). Practice it without moderation.

  1. Break up, don’t cheat

Most women prefer to end the relationship than to maintain it by to survive in the shadow of a cheating. Please, learn to be brave and if you are not happy, got tired of trying to find a solution it’s better to take the most appropriate decision and follow each own path. Stop being cowards. Not satisfied with your sexual life? Maybe you and your wife/girlfriend love each other but are not compatible in bed, so instead of maintaining an extramarital affair, call a good high class Lisbon escort and realize your fantasies. It’s much easier and simple as it’s free attachment and she’s not expecting to have a relationship with you, this way nobody gets hurt.

  1. Help to improve her self-confidence

Compliment her often. Valorize what she likes about her (hair, shoes, professional advancement, etc.). With a more confident sex partner, sex will be more often and better. Remember an independent escort in Lisbon makes money from her body so it’s natural that she dedicates much more time and attention to beauty care, which is not the case of your partner, she is probably focused in other things and doesn’t have time for that.

  1. Improvise dates

Leave common-sense of planning special events only on dating birthdays or festive dates. Improvise a dinner in midweek, take her by surprise with an occasional celebration, she will love these things. And after the celebration you probably end the night very well;)

  1. Increase her excitement WITH SMELL

Mmmmm… I LOVE perfumes! As an elite escort in Lisbon I have a very sensitive nose, so listen to me: sprinkle a touch of perfume she likes. A study by Indiana University found that women were more excited when they felt the smell of male colonies than female or neutral odor colonies.

  1. Do not ask, suggest

Want to try something new in bed that you saw somewhere? Instead of being incisive and say “I want to do that”, use the form “Have you seen this?”. The result can be faster and efficient and she may be interested in trying as well but didn’t want to tell you. Also always remember to ask your escort in Lisbon about any specific service instead of being surprised when you ask for it and she says ‘I’m sorry, I don’t do that’, it’s better to be honest and to agree everything in advance.

  1. Find out HOW she wants sex through kissing

If it all begins with a kiss, it is how we can see what type of sex she’ll want. It can be a gentle kiss, like, ‘I want a romantic sex, traditional position’ or an intense and stronger kiss, like “I want you to treat me like a bitch!” But this is also a topic for another post, because for many men unveil those signs can be more difficult than to assemble a puzzle of 80,000 pieces.

  1. Bet on non-sexual fondling

When you are sitting next to your girlfriend or wife in the car, bus or anywhere, enjoy to touch her without sexual interest. Resting your hand a few centimeters above her knee is an option. It’s close, but obviously no sex, so she will not think you are just looking for her when you want sex, leave your wildest side for when you meet your escort in Lisbon or anywhere in the world with Fly Me To You appointments. Those small gestures can make a couple closer.

  1. Do not juggle with the tongue

When you’re kissing her, it’s good to have some action on the tongue, but do not use it like a juggler of Cirque du Soleil. Control the intensity and movements and keep it in front of your mouth. This also applies to pussy licking.

  1. Keep your room warm

Women tend to feel colder than men because generally our blood pressure is lower, so keep the room heated and have good duvets and warm cozy blankets.

  1. Get TV, smartphones and tablets rid of the room

Abdicate the TV in the room. In addition to disrupt the sleep and be a waste of time, it takes couple’s focus away from the relationship. Tablets and smartphones also make the couple even more distant, so commit yourself to leave the phone out of the room for a few hours. And don’t worry, as a truly Lisbon elite escort I will also turn off my phone during our meeting 🙂

  1. Oh, did I talked about hygiene?

If not, here’s the post teaching you how to take a good shower. Do not forget, this has an extreme importance!



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