It is possible to learn to prolong and control orgasm with constant practices, massages, experiences and meditations in tantra, since they work the body in a way that can develop not only a more intense and longer orgasm, but also to discover new orgasms types and to re-signify pleasure. You should seek professional tantric massage centers or an authentic elite escort in Lisbon and worldwide by appointment trained and initiated in these practices.

Orgasm consists of bioelectrical discharges produced by muscles, once they are given stimulation with necessary intensity and duration. Although we think orgasm is solely related to sex and that it is very pleasant to be with your Lisbon independent escort, know that we can enjoy stimulating our body as a whole. Orgasm is not limited into touching sexual organs.

As a real elite escort in Lisbon I also see myself in the role of an educator: men need to know that orgasm is not always accompanied by ejaculation. The common orgasm, which only stimulates sexual organs, does not function as an accumulator of bioelectricity, but rather as relaxing, as a liberator of that energy. In this way, when the energy begins to manifest, it is quickly dissipated. And to achieve orgasms with the full bioelectric potential of the body, you need to accumulate enough energy in the muscles, in the skin, and have that energy concentrate and rise, instead of going down and lose it.

In order to accumulate this energy, it is necessary to get out of primitive orgasm and trivial sexual relation, provoking new forms of stimulation and awakening of the body energy. Tantric massage is very efficient in conducting bioelectricity. With gentle and soft stimulation on the entire surface of a person’s skin – including body regions that we rarely notice – it is possible to wake up this body potential and put the person in contact with that orgasmic energy without the presence of sex. These stimulation make us to feel shocks – almost a tingle – by various regions of the body that not only spread but alter the biochemistry of our body. Hormones linked to pleasure and satisfaction, such as serotonin, oxytocin, are produced and spread throughout the bloodstream, intensifying the sensation of touch, which can generate spasms in the muscles of the whole body. This happens by connecting various muscle groups in this bioelectric current and the perceived sensation is incredibly pleasurable.

After a few years working as an independent elite escort in Lisbon and worldwide and also in other cities and countries I believe to have some knowledge that can be very useful to contribute to the quality of sexual relations of men and women. The purpose of private sexual coaching and consulting sessions is to help men with problems such as premature ejaculation, sexual impotence, difficulty with women, shyness, and other taboos.

But that does not mean the end of sexual stimulation, by no means, I still continue to offer services like an independent escort in Lisbon. It means that in order to deal with all these sensations, you need to train your body and tone up some muscles – like an athlete who needs to develop to break his own records, reach new scores. And here I am talking about the muscular tone of female and male sex organs. To sustain all this energy, these muscles can not be hypotonic; they need to be strong and developed. Tantric massages are very effective in this learning because, with massage performed on the genitals – but without sexual focus – it is possible to develop this muscular grouping, toning it.

Spreading orgasmic sensation throughout the body and strengthening the muscles of the sexual organ. This is how we can intensify and prolong our orgasm, reaching other states of consciousness, the result of these electric discharges. A very enjoyable learning that will transform your relationships forever.

Eva Rodriguez

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  1. For me enjoy sex is the most important thing. If is a long or short sex session is just irrelevant

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