Before to have travelled in some countries and to decide being a Lisbon escort I have started working as an independent escort in a high class club, the best in my country. I always knew I could be an elite escort, I could never stand with low profile clients. I just don’t think it’s fair to let men to touch and to benefit from my precious golden lotus flower if it’s not for a reasonable fee. After our meeting they are completely super ultra happy, relaxed, peaceful and with a nourishing skin. Like if they had spent an entire week in a luxury spa in Bali receiving gold and caviar face masks every single day.

So, in the club we had men visiting from worldwide, mostly business men. I’ve never really liked to be chosen, I preferred to choose, even if one of the main rules from the pleasure office was ‘do not approach men before they invite you’. But we women know that there are different ways to induce a man ‘to take the first step’ and invite you for a chat, a drink and some other things… And don’t think yourself that because I run a website as an escort in Lisbon and worldwide with Fly Me To You appointments I simply take calls and make bookings, they still have to pass through Eva’s personal selection’s criteria 🙂 Even before the decide to contact me, I have done photos, videos and wrote texts carefully and thought about every detail to purposely attract a certain type of man. Some types simply don’t interest me: too much risks, stress and headache.

I will just never understand the need some men have to hear a lie from a woman, it seems they like it. After the seduction process (showing myself off, lascivious looks and peacock walks) , the man I wanted to talk with finally ‘chooses’ me and we start a conversation. Sooner or later they often came up with one of classical questions: Do you have a job or do you just do this?

How could they think it was JUST that? Why can’t be a serious job? I just could be an independent Lisbon escort today because all I’ve learned before. Many abilities were involved: to be beautiful (face and body), to evaluate risks (especially health and safety conditions, the risk of being beaten, raped and even to arrive at hotel and he says he has no money), sales and negotiating skills, to be a bit drunk sometimes but never too much, you always should know exactly what/where/when/whom/how (much) you are doing, to manage envious/mad/problematic co-workers, self-defense techniques – to think fast and how to defend yourself, your belongings and money, all in high heels and a lot, but a lot, seriously a lot of patience. I was only bad at the last one.

Honestly, many of us can give a workshop about human behavior, body language and sales advice that will make many psychologists and speakers absolutely jealous. I’m grateful for all I’ve learned during this time.

Most people undervalue and underestimate independent escorts expertise. The list of abilities we have to know is endless. But most guys liked to hear things like: “Yes, I have a job as a secretary during the day and I come here just a few times a month”. I don’t know at that point what difference in his life will make if I really had another job at daytime and how possible was to go to bed around 5am and to be up, ready in a boring office at 8h30am as a submissive low paid bored tedious secretary, ready to be harassed by some male colleagues and to listen stupid things by being a beautiful woman.

After some time I really got tired of creating stories, so I just answered: “I work with male adult entertainment” 🙂 If they liked to hear that I don’t know but they laugh and think I’m creative.



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