In face of protests from residents in Barcelona city due to some drunken holiday makers such as “tourists go home” I think it should be important to discuss this topic from a Barcelona elite escort point of view who offers upscale services and to clarify a few things. From crazy boat parties with unlimited drinks to insane private events where people lose the control completely and tourists walking naked late in the night in residencial areas and even caught having sex completely drunk in the beach it’s easy to understand why Catalans are pissed off.

Besides some cultures tend to repress their emotions more often also nowadays we are basically career-success driven and this is so stressful sometimes. It’s a fact that huge majority of people work with something they don’t like or even have to tolerate hostile co-workers and their egos, so our social crutches (alcohol + drugs + antidepressants) help us to be alive and to keep going. Not everyone is lucky as an independent escort in Barcelona who choses where, when, how, with who to work. Then when people are on holidays what do they desperately want? To go crazy! To lose the control. To release all that’s hurting them, to forget who they are, what they have to do when come back home, completely to lose conscious. They have worked during the whole year and are just waiting for the summer.

I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not this type, I’m an authentic elite escort in Barcelona who wants to show you new possibilities. Definitely not judging (who am I for that), I just observe people’s behavior worldwide and based on my experience and life history I’ve made some conclusions. That’s it. Secondly, I’m a woman who doesn’t like to lose the control. Born a beautiful woman in South America, with one of highest rape and murder rates in the world, raised near favelas. Coming back home alone at midnight from university everyday was a constant risk and daily challenge for me. I couldn’t distract myself, I had to be ready to fight or to run at anytime. So I don’t see any fun in that. In the condition of an escort and an immigrant anything that happens while I’m involved can easily turn against me, no matter what I’m always the wrong one, even if I’m telling the truth.

I like being an independent escort in Barcelona but I see on a different way. One of the worst things in this industry is the association with drugs and hardcore services such as in some porn movies. I’m not a ‘party girl’. And not a saint (definitely), not at all. It’s a pity some of you think it’s not possible to go high and experience altered states of consciousness ‘just’ with sexual intercourse, you are missing it! And no headaches and vomiting on the next day. Plus, it’s a matter of respect, remember: don’t do to in other countries what you wouldn’t like people do in yours, it’s a simple social living rule that maintains the city clean, nice and agreeable for everyone. Besides all that I’m sure you boys know what happens to your dick when you are super drunk: it simply doesn’t work. So it’s frustrating for you and for the escort that needs to put much more energy (and patience) in order to make things happen.

I invite you to know a different approach towards sexuality with an elite escort in Barcelona specialized in sexual coaching and therapy. Give yourself the opportunity to experience a deeper and healthier sexual intercourse. Contact me for more information on how I can help you.



Eva Rodriguez

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