This sounds simple and obvious but it’s not. It’s definitely not simple at all and I’m going to explain you why: the main barrier for an independent escort in Lisbon and in other parts of the world is to live with stigma and prejudice. Yes, we know we won’t be young forever so after a long research and a good self knowledge we decide what suits us better and apply for a course in a university or even another type of professional qualification. All very good, you’ve saved some money for the tuition fee, you’ve organized your schedule accordingly, you are attending classes and doing your homework.

All beautiful, you are having enough clients and one night you have a dinner date, a full night booking (I love long hours bookings). A man who wants a truly elite escort in Lisbon – a beautiful face, perfect body, gorgeous (see photos), classy, well mannered, who knows how to dress for any occasion, that understands and appreciates good wines, good listener and able to be in a pleasant conversation and last but not least, a passionate and fiery woman in bed who can provide and have sumptuous orgasms. Well, I start by choosing the restaurant and doing the reservation, considering client’s food preference, ambience style (modern or traditional), online recommendations and talking to him and feeling what he likes. It’s also important to check some trendy bars/clubs in case he is the type who likes to show off his upscale companion (but nobody knows that, and I know how to create this effect). I’m a real GFE – girlfriend experience specialist.

After it comes the second part, which is my preparation (my bookings) – to do waxing, manicure and pedicure, hair, makeup, except general maintenance which is gym and diet, skin care and many other things we all know very well. Then it had arrived the day and the time, I usually go to meet him at his hotel, make a short introduction to make him to feel comfortable and to certify he likes the appearance of his elite escort in Lisbon (they always do), so we can ask for a taxi and go together to the restaurant.

We are both enjoying the night, the food, conversation and each other’s companionship. He is very happy for to have found you after his long research about escorts in Barcelona. I won’t lie, clients are usually older and don’t look super physically attractive (some are pretty decent and take care of themselves, but a David Beckham’s style is not the usual) but and then you realize there are some people in the table besides staring at you: a “friend” from the university staring at you with disapproval looks… It happened to me, in fact can be anyone from the “outside” world: an ex boyfriend, friends from the meet up groups, a neighbor, people from the gym, from yoga classes, from language school courses, any (fucking) one. They are there, anywhere, ready to point you their fingers. Next time I’m going to give them my business card with a summary of my rates, so they know how much I’m making for that meeting.

And this is because I don’t show my face in my website, so nobody in my personal life can be 100% sure that I’m an elite escort in Lisbon or when travelling to a Fly Me To You appointment. Secondly, I don’t work in a bank or intend to be lawyer, a doctor or any other traditional, conservative (male dominated) profession. But still social repression and condemnation it’s very very strong, and sometimes it comes from other women who advocate for their perfect wife’s role and “happy” family, thinking they are free women just because they have the (obligation) right to work, to struggle to be 6 sizes smaller and to try to look 20 while they are 40, to maintain husbands happy and satisfied (or not), to raise their babies (or to hire a full time nanny and feel guilty forever), to (try to) manage a thousand of personal and family’s responsibilities and not being able to live without their friend Prozac.

Are you one of those who still thinks I’m doing the wrong thing?

Eva Rodriguez

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