As most of you know one of Eva Rodriguez’s features as an elite escort in Lisbon is honesty, so reason number one why I only offer outcalls is: I don’t like to do incalls. Why? First of all, it’s not safe. We live in a society where unfortunately some men (not all, I know, I know) try to take advantage of women’s physical condition and the fact that I work as an independent escort in Lisbon, so I don’t feel comfortable in receiving some different men at my home Secondly, I’m quite systematic in my own space (and even in others’ as well), so I have an exact way to organize my things, my bedroom, my bathroom, etc and I personally don’t like too many guests at my home. Sorry, that’s how I am. Third reason is that I would have to move again (for the 3827 time in Europe) for an apartment located in the luxurious area of Barcelona, rent there is very expensive and although I charge reasonable rates I’m only being a Lisbon escort part time, I actually invest most of my time now in my second career.

If I ever consider to do incalls I would only receive clients who accept to be screened. Although even having screened clients if I would go for incalls I would very much probably have at home some pepper spray, sticks, knifes and maybe (why not?) a gun, all strategic positioned. Besides all that, of course I would create a BDSM corner. Or also I could have a sexy strong male bodyguard who will inspect clients before coming in at my apartment. It will also certainly have a room with lots of my hot, opulent and luxurious photos: my private art museum. But all this will cost me too much money now and give me some headaches, I’m not in the mode for all that.

With outcalls you can automatically verify your client’s basic information, as by standard I ask them: hotel name and address, room number and their full name. Usually the best clients book very much in advance, so you exchange a few emails with them before appointment and this allows me to know if they are in Portugal for holidays or for work, for example. Some information are very valuable and I appreciate so much the trust of my clients in me and a true elite escort in Lisbon NEVER ever share their information with anyone. Also because I chat with them in a friendly way and I also give them some of my personal information which is not convenient they share as well.

Only advantage I can see in having my own space only for receiving my boys would be the possibility of creating a ‘gentlemen school’ where it will come with a new sexuality approach as due to my experience working as a VIP Lisbon escort I can assure people are urgently needing it. Our sexual desire was completely misunderstood, repressed and marginalized during some millennia and I believe it’s coming the time where we need to break that cycle and completely heal ourselves. Sexual energy is very strong and powerful and because of some human cruelty and extreme greed it was oppressed by church and other few bad people.

Maybe in future I can dedicate more time on that. Another company for Eva Rodriguez’s group.


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