After some stress and struggling for finding a decent and reasonably price apartment in Barcelona I’m very anxious for finally going there this Friday! So proud to become an independent escort Barcelona this month but also very happy for going to a warmer city, also not forgetting that summer is coming! Uuuhulll! It’s a bit tough for a Brazilian to deal with cold temperatures, although I’m used as I’ve been living abroad and travelling for some time, it’s always wonderful to be near to the sun and the beach.

Although Madrid is a nice city, I was planning to be a Barcelona escort since last year. Most of my clients are tourists and I can’t see a better option than staying in a touristic city to welcome and please all nice gentlemen who are looking to relax have high quality sex in Barcelona. We all know this environment (and the weather) helps for making people to be more open to try new things, to leave their prejudices at home, to enjoy and allow themselves to be happy. I truly believe in freeing ourselves from bad and religious misconceptions that are here just to put us down, to block our energies and to inhibit us. Christian dogmas and prohibitions maintain us as prisoners, puritanism is the biggest hypocrisy I see every day.

According to my research, the temperatures are quite stable, although it rains a bit during the winter. The hottest months are July and August. Of course they have an intense night life, with lots of bars and restaurants and also lots of high standard hotels and hospitality services. I also heard the ‘Catalanes’ are more friendly and open minded. I hope it’s true 🙂

I will also need to take at least 2 or 3 days to get to know the city as I love art and architecture, so where else should I be? Besides, I don’t speak the local language, but I do speak a very good Spanish, and French too, and I don’t know if I’m the only one to have this impression but Catalán language for me is exactly the mix between both! So, considering all this I don’t think my life as an escort in Barcelona will be that difficult.



When I arrive I will definitely start looking for a dermatologist, manicure, hairdresser, waxing services, gym, yoga studio and all those things that can help me to stay gorgeous for my beloved clients (check my gallery here). It seems easy, but believe me, it’s not simple at all being a truly high class escort in Barcelona (and not anywhere else in the world). I can’t forget to have my tanning, I am becoming pale! Also, I don’t like to be beautiful only physically but also mentally, as you need to have good mind control not to let others’ prejudice affect you. It’s also necessary to be able to manage being with some clients as you need to use A LOT of psychology and deep breaths when dealing with them!

I’m really really happy for being the owner of myself and a totally independent elite escort, I don’t have to deal with any jealousy or bullshit from other girls and agency managers, I work on my own terms and rules and I have the freedom to come here in this blog to write about me and open my heart to you – this is an authentic Eva. I wanna thank you again, to all my clients, readers and followers on Twitter (and to my secret fans too, including some ex boyfriends… hahaha). I’m preparing some new things for my website, so keep an eye on it and if you want to book an appointment, feel free to contact me.





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